Enjoy the same spine-tingling bass from the Sonos SUB now with an updated look. The second generation SUB boasts a matt black trim and a smaller Sonos logo with the same high-gloss black finish and excellent sound.  

The Sonos SUB wireless subwoofer works in harmony with your other Sonos products to offer a level of bass that will fill the entire room. 

With a unique design, the Sonos SUB uses two face-to-face force-cancelling drivers to ensure that all of the deep, heavy bass comes straight to you rather than getting lost in the cabinet causing unwanted buzz and rattle to your music. With two Class-D digital amplifiers and automatic equalisation, the Sonos SUB is perfectly in sync with the rest of your Sonos network whatever genre of music you're enjoying. 

Flexible and simple, the Sonos SUB connects easily to your network with just a single button. Follow the easy steps on your Sonos Controller app and your system will automatically adjust to the components it's paired with for a quick customised setup suited to your home. The flexibility of the Sonos SUB comes into its own with its wireless design. Without losing an ounce of quality, hide the SUB horizontally under the sofa or create a statement piece by having it on show. 

The Sonos SUB is the perfect addition to your Sonos system. Whether you want to liven up your wireless music with a heavier bass or are interested in connecting it to a PlayBar for an exceptional 3.1 or 5.1 home cinema setup, the Sonos SUB can do it all.