The all-new Sonos Play:5 is the ultimate in wireless listening. With a completely redesigned look and sound, the Play:5  provides top quality sound  tuned to suit your room. With plenty of streaming options, your music collection just got bigger, better and a lot louder.

The Sonos Play:5 has completely upgraded its original 5 driver setup and replaced it with six new custom-designed drivers, and with six Class D amplifiers there is almost triple the power of its predecessor. Three mid-woofers give  much more powerful and refined mid-tones and bass, cleaner than even Sonos' Playbar. Vocals are kept at the forefront of your music and with customisable EQ settings on the Sonos Controller App your music will sound however you like it. Two of the three tweeters are directed to the sides to provide a wider  sound whilst the third is a larger central tweeter giving you the full immersive experience. With such powerful drivers, even at high volumes, the Sonos Play:5 delivers fantastic clarity.

Whether placed horizontally or on either side vertically, the Play:5 makes the most of your music even if it's tucked away. Sonos' Trueplay sound optimisation measures the acoustics in any room using the microphone from your iOS device (not currently available on android) and clears up any distortion to give you the best possible sound.

Along with the Play 5's ability to stream music from almost any service and thousands of built-in internet radio stations, the Play:5 can be paired with multiple Sonos devices for a variety of functions: Simply have more than one Sonos device on the same wireless network and you can create a multi-room system; connect two Play:5's together and turn them into a left and right stereo pair for a more immersive and bigger sound; or, connect two Play:5's to a subwoofer and Sono's Playbar and have a 5.1 home cinema surround experience. The possibilities are endless with Sonos and with the option to expand when you're, there's no rush.

If a simple but incredibly powerful wireless speaker with endless options to play and expand is what you're after, then Sonos' new flagship Play:5 is the one.