Ever wished you could stream millions of songs throughout your home without compromising on your existing Hi-Fi system? Or enjoy vinyl from your turntable that's set up downstairs, upstairs? With the Sonos CONNECT, it's easier than ever.

The Sonos CONNECT makes your existing amplified Hi-Fi or home cinema set up part of your Sonos network so you can enjoy wireless multiroom streaming. Easily set up the CONNECT to your chosen system with the analogue, optical or coaxial audio outputs on the CONNECT and use the free Sonos app or included Ethernet cable to connect to your network. Getting started with the Sonos CONNECT is quick and simple so you can start enjoying your music in minutes.

With Sonos, access millions of tracks from your favourite streaming services including Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and Tidal as well as over 100,000 internet radio stations. The CONNECT is fantastic to bring wireless streaming to your existing equipment, but why not go one step further and have music playing throughout your home? With the Sonos network, start with a single Sonos speaker and build up until every room in your home is filled with music. Using the Sonos CONNECT, send audio from your pre-amplified turntable to the PLAY:1 speaker in the bedroom, or stream your CD collection from your Hi-Fi system to the PLAY:3 in the kitchen and control each speaker independently with the Sonos app. You can even control bass, treble, and other EQ settings both in the app and in using the controls on your system.

For anyone who wants to play all their digitally stored music through their exisiting hi-fi system, and wants access to all the music in the world, wirelessly, the Sonos CONNECT is the answer.