The Sonos CONNECT AMP is a next generation Hi-Fi device allowing you to connect any set of speakers to your home network. Just add your choice of speakers whether they're bookshelf, in-ceiling or even outdoors and this wireless wonder will bring all of your favourite streaming services to any room in your house. Amazing flexibility and top-notch performance make this a must for digital music lovers.

With an integrated 55 watts per channel amplifier, all you need is a pair of speakers and an internet connection to get started with your wireless music system. Simply hook your CONNECT AMP to the internet via the included Ethernet cable or wirelessly using the Sonos app, connect your speakers, and you've got a room filled with music that can be controlled with just a few taps.

Now you're ready to listen to your music - from millions of tracks and playlists found on your favourite streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Deezer as well as over 100,000 internet radio stations, to your own music collection stored on your computer or NAS drive all at your fingertips.

As part of the Sonos family, the CONNECT AMP also enables you to enjoy the same music anywhere in your home using other Sonos speakers all with the freely available Sonos app. You can even control settings such as bass, treble, and balance to get the music just how you like it.

Now you can set your music free, and play all the music in the world, wirelessly, through your existing speakers, with the Sonos CONNECT AMP.