The latest addition to the Sonos range is the Boost wireless extender, delivering unparalleled in-home wireless signal and providing the best performance and reliability for your Sonos system with no skips, delays or drops.  

The Boost is the most powerful Sonos product to date with up to two times that of the Bridge, with wireless broadcasting capabilities that compare to the most expensive high-grade Wi-Fi routers on the market. The Boost has the ability to neutralise interferences from other wireless devices as well as offering three wireless antennae that broadcast signals through walls and ceilings ensuring coverage throughout your entire home enabling full enjoyment of your multi-room system.  

Setup is simple, by plugging the device directly into your home router your wireless reliability is instantly improved, However if you don't feel this is enough then additional Boosts can be added to extend the range even further.  

To fully experience your Sonos multi-room system without any connectivity issues then the Sonos Boost is a perfect addition to your home.